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Signature Bank of Georgia - Annual Performance Results

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2021Annual Report

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CONTENTS01IntroductionMessage from CEO/President4Mission / Core Values502StrategyStrategic Approach7Key Drivers to Strategy8Client Centric9Digital Results 11-13 030506Signature in the Community 2021Making a Difference30-31Financial ReviewProductivity15Earnings16Loan & Deposit Growth17Performance Metrics18 The Power of our PEOPLECorporate Governance 23Board of Directors 24-25Senior Management Team 26The Faces of Team Signature 27-28Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 2The Client Client Testimonials 20-2104

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01INTRODUCTIONAnnual Shareholder Report - 20213

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FREDDIE DEUTSCHCEO/PresidentTo Our Shareholders,The strategic repositioning of the Bank, which started in 2019, played a critical role in our ability to meet the needs of our clients, associates, and the communities we serve in a safe way in 2021. We did not know at the time how insightful the strategies would be. Investments in our people, technology and processes proved to be the right ones. The Bank posted its best year in its history - demonstrating solid financial and operational resilience during a period of intense stress. Complete financial information is available at our Investor Relations website.And what a difference a year has made. After navigating through the challenges COVID-19 offered in 2020, most believed a return to normalcy was on the horizon in 2021, only to experience more of the same through a large part of the year. During mid-2021, the closing of businesses and schools was no longer tenable and in a lot of cases may have led to more adverse consequences than the virus itself. The resiliency of the American people shined brightly as kids went back to in-person learning, we started eating out again, we started taking vacations again and returned to work in a variety of diverse ways (in-person – fulltime; hybrid). As the year ended, fears about inflation not being ‘transitory,’ resulting from the massive stimulus programs injected into the economy, coupled with the Fed’s monetary policy, supply chain issues, and pent-up demand, fueled the highest rate of inflation we have experienced in four decades. Adding to these challenges, the world faces the potential humanitarian crisis, the threat of the further escalation of hostilities, and even higher general and commodity prices. Looking ahead, a great deal of volatility in the economy and the on-going international hostilities remain, thus uncertainty and risk. The Fed’s ability to balance interest rate increases while preventing runaway inflation is critical. The current crisis between Russia and Ukraine remains uncertain as well. I believe the Bank is poised to successfully navigate the challenges which lie ahead. On behalf of the entire Signature team, we appreciate your on-going support and look forward to generating even better returns to our shareholders. Keep in mind, team members and senior leadership are shareholders too, thus we try and make decisions with that in mind. Sincerely,Net Income+7%Loan Growth+9%Deposit Growth+10%Total Assets+9%Looking AheadAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 4

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Mission / Core ValuesQualityTransformationalThinkingCommitmentLeadershipAchievementOur mission is to be the preferred community bank in the Atlanta area by providing a distinctly different client experience grounded in trust, accountability and expertise, with dedication to helping our communities, team members, and shareholders prosper.EthicsTeamworkMutualRespectPositiveLegacyOur core values express what we stand for and are core to our businessAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 5

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02STRATEGY"Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” ~Michael Porter Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 6

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STRATEGIC APPROACHDelivering Growth• Client Centric• Product / Services• Strong Sales Oriented Team Members• Diversify Loans• Non-Core Funding• Leveraging of ExpensesDriving Innovation• Strong Digital Presence• Embracement of Technology • Drive Efficiencies and Client ExperienceSustainability• Long-Term Diversified Earnings• Maximize Shareholder Value• Business / Service Offerings• Human Capital• TechnologyAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 7

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PRODUCTS / SERVICESKey Drivers of the StrategyConsumerFull suite of loan, deposit, cash management services, payroll and insurance to meet the demand of the small to medium size business.BusinessInvested and built a robust digital platform that creates a distinct competitive advantage.DigitalRobust capabilities to support future growth. TechnologyFull suite of loan, deposit, insurance and digital solutions to meet the demands of the consumer client. Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 8

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CLIENT CENTRIC APPROACH Brand and MarketDraw attention to the Bank with relevant products and services while building trust for the Bank’s brand. Generate quality leads across all product lines.Service and AccessibilityShow clients they can access the Bank quickly and easily while experiencing exceptional service.Sell and Fulfill Excellence in cross-sales and closingleads. Systems in place to make the process seamless.ExpandSellServiceCLIENTExpand Relationships, Staff and Bank Grow client relationships, develop staff, and continually find ways to innovate and grow the Bank. High-performing banks, like Signature Bank, who pursue strong organic growth, understand their audience. They put their existing and potential clients at the center of the organization and build around them. As we continue to perfect each step of this cycle, we expect to see growth happen exponentially.Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 9

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“The most successful banking organizations are those that realize that digital banking transformation is not a “destination,” but a continuous process of iteration, adaptation and innovation that leverages emerging technologies to improve internal processes and deliver enhanced customer experiences. As the marketplace continues to change at a faster pace and becomes more volatile, those financial institutions that have reimagined legacy processes and embraced change as a competitive opportunity will be the best prepared.”Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial BrandAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 10

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18%Desktop Visitors18%Returning VisitorsVisitors This Year98,92413%Mobile Users18,9898%2020 2021Female54% 57%Male43% 46%0%50%100%150%Digital User Mix - Sex0.00%10.00%20.00%30.00%2020 2021Digital User Mix - Age18-2425-3435-4445-54Digital ResultsInternet PresenceAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 11

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Digital ResultsThe bank’s investment in its digital strategy has yielded front page rankings on Google.Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 12Internet Page Rankings

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Digital Results4.9 out of 5 ratingSBA 7(a) Lender since 2006Preferred Lender Status. Status renewed in 2021 for two-years.87Net Promoter ScorePPP – 2-Results+88 loans made$14,64M in loans made using Digital Application platform. Google – SBA126% # Users9,187 vs 4,060Google ReviewsIncreased Wallet Share➢ 49 Insurance Policies in-force➢ 15 Payroll Services Accounts➢ $2,402M in balances – 2021 up 35%➢ 15 Merchant Service AccountsFully implementedLending Automation Solution – Enables the bank to compete with fast digital lending experiences of larger institutions.2200+ ClientsAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 13Other Facts and Figures at a Glance

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03FINANCIAL REVIEWAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 14

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Financial Performance$8,794$342$4,685$10,057$354$5,3370% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Assets per EmployeeRevenue per EmployeeLoans per EmployeeEmployee Productivity12/31/2020 12/31/2021ProductivityAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 15Employee productivity is a common measure of efficiency. The building blocks of competitive advantage are efficiency, quality, innovation and client responsiveness. The chart illustrates the bank’s progress ensuring maximum efficiency is achieved.

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Financial PerformanceNet IncomeAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 16$726$1,415$782$3,737$0$500$1,000$1,500$2,000$2,500$3,000$3,500$4,000Pretax Net Operating Income Net Income000’s OmittedNet Income12/31/2020 12/31/2021• As of 12/31/2021, the Bank has available net operating loss carryforwards of $27,653M for federal tax purposes and $28,974M for state income tax purposes. • Income Tax Benefit was $595M for 2020 and $2,955M for 2021

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Financial PerformanceCore Loan and Deposit Growth$15,123$88,086$38,459$1,209$7,473$19,295$14,711$99,491$49,690$1,298$6,665$14,535ALL NOW & ATS …DEMAND DEPOSITSMMDASOTHER SAVINGS …TIME DEPOSITS ABOVE …TIME DEPOSITS …000’S OMITTED DEPOSITS2020 202110%$9,361 $7,267 $76,613 $9,880 $138 $16,246 $4,524 $80,084 $11,351 $82 CONSTRUCTION & …1-4 FAMILY …CRE C&ICONSUMER000”S OMITTED LOANS2020 20219%Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 17The charts below illustrate what loan and deposit products make up from the growth experienced in 2021.

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Financial PerformanceKey Performance MetricsAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 18193,462 103,067 169,646 0.81%7.30%2.96%10.13%29.33%22 211,192 112,086 186,390 1.87%17.38%2.95%9.56%20.57%21 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%Total AssetsTotal Loans & LeasesTotal DepositsReturn on Average AssetsReturn on Average EquityNet Interest MarginLeverage RatioTexas RatioTotal Employees (FTE)Key Ratios12/31/2020 12/31/2021The chart illustrates performance on common industry accepted measurements.

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“ClientTestimonials“Clients don’t just want to know you can solve their problem – they want to know you can do it better than anyone else. To that end, client testimonials are incredibly effective.”- Strategy FactoryAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 1904

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20When Signature Bank of Georgia was recommended to John by a long-time client of the bank, he was excited to explore a new banking relationship. One word describes John’s experience when he met the Chief Lending Officer, Steve Reagin: approachable. “Steve was personally involved in helping our company receive both a first and second draw Paycheck Protection Program loan. Although we were a new client, Signature treated us like we were the most important client at the bank. We were funded for both PPP loans within 14 days from the date the window opened for applications.”John Stern, President of Freshensfreshens.comClient TestimonialsAnnual Shareholder Report - 202120

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“Normally, I would have approached several banks before deciding to switch, but I was so impressed by the level of customer service provided by everyone at Signature Bank of Georgia and I decided that I need not look any further. Signature provides all I need from remote banking, interest checking, quick answers and even free payroll when I maintain qualifying balances.”-David & Ben Feingold, Fabricare Ownersfcdrycleaners.comClient TestimonialsAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021

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“05The Power of the Team“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”~ Michael JordanAnnual Shareholder Report - 2021 22

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CorporateCommitteesALCOExecutiveAudit/TechnologyLoanCorporate GovernanceThe four pillars of corporate governance include: accountability, fairness, transparency, and leadership and stakeholder management.Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 23

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Board of DirectorsAllen Brock serves as Chairman of the Board and has over 30 years experience in the real estate industry. Since 1989, he has been a Principal of the Omnicorp Group and the Stonemark Group. Brock has been responsible for the overall management of income-producing properties-principally apartments, self-storage, and hotels, and the investor relations for such properties. Director Since: 2007Chairman of the BoardFreddie Deutsch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Signature Bank of Georgia since its inception in 2005 and is responsible for the leadership, growth, profitability and management of the bank.Director since: 2005 Board MemberJonathan (Jon) W. Been is a regional residential home builder / developer. Been’s company, Wilson Parker Homes was sold to D. R. Horton in September 2016. Been is highly experienced in community banking, having previously served on several bank boards. He is a graduate of Georgia College and is a resident of Atlanta.Director since: 2005 Board MemberAnnual Shareholder Report - 202124

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Hope Willard Lundt, CFA, serves as the Managing Partner of Spence Limited, LP, a financial services hedge fund that invests in community banks throughout the US. She has spent her 25-year career analyzing, advising, and investing in the financial services sector. Lundt began her career at J.C. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).Director Since: 2018Board MemberBenji Wood is the Chief Operating Officer of A.L. Grading Contractors, Inc. in Gwinnett County. Wood is a graduate of Marist School and Rice University. He is currently a member of the Marist Endowment Committee, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, and a member of Northpoint Community Church.Director since: 2005 Board MemberMohammad Sedehi is a highly-successful progressive entrepreneur, with vast experience across multiple industries including retail and residential construction in the Atlanta area. Sedehi is a 1983 graduate of Georgia Tech with a Master's degree in Architecture and is a registered Civil Engineer. Director since: 2020 Board MemberBoard MemberDirector since: 2016 Roger Shaffer founded HighTower in 2013 as Managing Director. Shaffer has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his career in financial services in 1993 when he joined Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor. Shaffer holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) designation and Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA®). Annual Shareholder Report - 202125

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Leadership TeamFreddie DeutschCEO/PresidentStephanie VickersEVP/CFO/ISORebecca Abraham EVP/CCROCharles Hoag EVP/CAO/PMSteve ReaginEVP/CLO26Annual Shareholder Report - 2021

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The many FACES of Team SignatureDedicated to Distinctly Different Service27Annual Shareholder Report - 2021

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The many FACES of Team SignatureDedicated to Distinctly Different Service28Annual Shareholder Report - 2021

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“06Making a Difference“An individual can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle.”-Doug PedersonAnnual Shareholder Report - 202129

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen KellerAnnual Shareholder Report - 202130

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Making A DifferenceWays to Help Our CommunityInvesting in our community is one of the best ways we can add value, and 2021 yielded the opportunity to support some incredibly rewarding events.In addition, team members have the opportunity each month to dedicate four hours of community service to their charitable passion on bank time. The benefit of that opportunity was rewarded to organizations in 2021 such as the 9/11 Meal of Hope Meal Packing, the Daffodil Dash, raising support and awareness in memory of the children of the Holocaust, and the continued distribution of blessing bags to those less fortunate, as the pandemic continued to affect our community.Volunteer for a Better Sandy Springs Morgan Trail Clean Up“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what your can.”-Arthur Ashe Annual Shareholder Report - 2021 31

Page 32 Shareholder Report - 2021 32